07.05.13 • Carrie & Kelvin

Wedding photos

Weather has been groomy since March, we finally manage to do the shooting today for Carrie and Kelvin, the wait proves to be worthwhile....

25.03.13 • Jenn & Alex

Wedding photos

I didn't have the best weather on the day when I shooting for Jenn and Alex, but their photos is definitely one of my favorites! The couple was having such a good time and so was I, I cannot stop shooting and I got so many nice photos that day...

04.03.13 • Teresa & Michael

Wedding photos

I met Teresa at LSE, she has always been beautiful and elegant, even back in the old days when we were coursemates doing BSc. Economics, so I was hoping to bring this out in the photos. Due to unstable weather, we have rescheduled several times and were so lucky that we ended up shooting on such a great day with the best weather a photographer would ask for. It was such a pleasure to be shooting for you guys, and let's to keep in touch...