11.01.12 • Christine & Kevin: A KC Wedding

I am blessed again with nice couple such as Christine and Kevin. It was a big wedding with over 600 guests, the atmosphere inside was just amazing; very emotional, with an intimate warm feeling. I am so happy that Christine and Kevin enjoy working with me, it's really encouraging for me to know that too. Thanks Christine and Kevin.

"Thank you again for all your help yesterday! You took absolutely stunning photos (some of which are in the papers today) and made such a beautiful video for us. We're so thankful to you for capturing beautiful moments in our very special day and we will look at your photos with joy in the years to come. We appreciated not only your skill but your heart. As you took photos, you always did it with a smile on your face (even though you were probably exhausted!) and it made us feel like you were just as excited as we were. Thank you again for everything and we look forward to having you take pictures for many more of our special events in our lives! "

Christine & Kevin